Catch The Waves

Being a Middle Eastern country, Dubai faces a harsh climate almost round the year. To beat the heat, people there, head towards the beaches. Dubai is blessed with long and wide bays of golden sands with pure swirling water to dive into.

Our Surf School in Dubai is going to make your splash in the water extraordinarily exciting! It’s going to act like a physical enabler for you. Learning surfing, generally, centers around the basic actions of popping up on your feet and riding skillfully on a wave while you stand on your surfboard like a pro.
Riding on the wave is, of course an important thing but it is by no means the only thing that a surfer needs to learn. We make the students learn by taking baby steps so that by the end of the course they can challenge the waves skillfully and master the art of riding their surfboard.


The instructors here know exactly which beach is suitable for the beginners and where the risk of learners putting themselves in danger is very low. The trainers here have a good eye that how to read waves and learning to read waves is fundamentally important for your progression as a surfer. You name the surf style and there you go! Your trainer is going to make you practice it exactly like you want, after you are done with the basic learning. Our surfing school would also make your life disciplined. Instead of curling yourself up in bed in, you would want to roll out of your bed and most probably anticipate your surfing sessions. We have well qualified trainers who excel in the art of surfing. Client management and safety, training about the surfing risks and hazards, how to tackle emergencies, advising which surf board is suitable for the learners and assessing the performance of the students with a vigilant eye.

Our trainers are going to let you master the art of magically hooking yourself on the best waves of the day. Motivation will be the key that our instructors will inculcate in the students so no matter how the climate is, how lazy is your morning is, you would want to suit up yourself to ride a wave ! And with great persistence within in no time you will be able to surf like a pro and flaunt your surfing skills on a sunny Sunday!

See you on the next wave!